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BC Arredamenti Srl realizes furniture in style and reproductions of the author, providing reproductions of antique furniture, furniture in aged style and poor art style.

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BC Arredamenti Srl specializes in the creation and development of standard and customized environments for the furnishing of offices and warehouses.

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BC Arredamenti Srl has particular experience in the study and realization of furnishing solutions for offices, shops, commercial spaces.

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Company philosophy

The perception of the environment around us is essential so that we can work in harmony and feel good about ourselves.
In particular way, if we talk about shops and offices or large environments like the industrial warehouses where order and cataloging are important, the need for everything to be at the top of comfort is even more significant, both in the image and in the functionality.

BC Arredamenti Srl proposes itself as an ideal, competent and professional interlocutor for the creation of environments for shops, offices and industrial warehouses in any available space, guaranteeing functionality, efficiency, style design, comfortable environment, all in perfect balance between quality and price.


BC Arredamenti Srl considers fundamental a detailed interview with the client in the initial phase of the planning with the purpose to lay the groundwork for the realization of the work according to his needs and the available budget.


BC Arredamenti Srl guarantees not only the constant dialogue with the customer, but also the collaboration (technical-operational support and commercial consultancy) with any professionals proposed by the client, often interior architecture firms.


BC Arredamenti Srl carries out a meticulous control of the product before sending it to the final destination, and considers the assembly one of the most important and delicate phases of the work, even if the last one, using a highly skilled technical staff for it



For decades engaged in the furniture industry, BC Arredamenti Srl is born from the synergie OF various professionals, moved by the passion for the taste and for the art of furnishing, but also perfectionists in the search for solutions that are practical and useful for those who work in the services and trade industries. B.C. Arredamenti Srl has been constantly developing, acquiring specific skills and creating a staff of highly qualified professionals, specialized in the processing of wood, metal, plastics and materials over time more and more resistant and manageable to suit your needs. Specializing particularly in theprojecting and realization of furnishing solutions for offices, shops, commercial premises and industrial warehouses , as well as a passion for furniture and reproductions, and was supported by the decision to sell only quality products, provided by many leading brands in the furnishing world.

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